DHV - 2"- 48" Trunnion Ball Valves, 1/4"-12" Floating Ball Valves, 1/2'"-48" Gate, Globe and Swing Check Valves, 1/2"-4" API and ANSI Mud Gate Valves

BALON - Ball Valves, Needle Valves, Check Valves

KEYSTONE - Butterfly Valves a versatile range of resilient seated quarter-turn butterfly valves is available in various designs, configurations and materials to match all specifications. Sizes range                                                                from 2" - 48" custom up to 102"

BRAY - Butterfly valves, 2" - 48". Wafer or lug style, seats made of Bunna-N, EPDM, Vinton, standard and food grade, Teflon, various dic and stem alloys, Pneumatic and electric actuators

SMITH - COOPER - Epoxy coated Gate Valves, Ball Valves and Fittings

KIMRAY - Oil and Gas Equipment and Controls

NATCO - Oil, Gas, and Water Products and Solutions

FMC TECHNOLOGIES - For more than 50 years, INVALCO has been providing the processing industry with the high quality products and services to meet its measurement, valve and control needs

VALVTECHNOLOGIES - Metal Seated Zero Leakage Ball Valves, 1/2" to 36" high pressure to 40,000 PSI and high temperature to 1,800 degrees F, on-off and control, power/ co-Generation, Mining Slurry and other Process Severe Services

APOLLO VALVES - Ball Valves, full and reduced port, sizes from 1/4" to 12". Bronze Carbon Stell, 316 Stainless steel, threaded, socket weld, butt weld, ANSI 150# 600# flanged connection, pneumatic and electric actuated

VINTROL INC. - Sizes range from 2" to 56" in ANSI pressure classes 150 to 1500. Blow out proof stem, double block and bleed, fire safe NACE are standard, anit-static construction, double sealed at all pressure boundaries, sealant injection fitting with buried check valves. Available in carbon steel, low temp, stainless and duplex materials

AIR RELEASE VALVES (ARV) - Reduce your water pipeline pressure with these cast iron ARV valves! This on valve will operate from 10 to 300 PSI keeping your water pipeline at the lowest possible pressure. Air release up to 448 CFM

WARREN ALLOY - Complete line of stainless and alloy products. Valves Gate, globe, check, ball, needle and strainer

Abz Valves - Safety, Needle, Gate, Plug, Water, Relief, Crane valves available as well as valve repair, valve check and valve systems

Wellmark - Broad line of diaphragm operated valves, pneumatic and electrical level controls, safety relief valves, chemical pumps, liquid level indicators, switches, point level electronic controls, and various accessory products

Anderson Greenwood -Anderson Greenwood and Crosby are the world's premier manufacturers of pressure relief valves, tank blanketing products and instrumentation valves and manifolds.

Quadco - Quadco, Inc. is recognized as a leader in sales, testing and repair of Pressure Relief Valves, Pipeline and Plant Valves, Drilling Equipment, Instrumentation, and Calibration Services.

Taylor Valve - Broad line of diaphragm operated valves, pneumatic and electrical level controls, safety relief valves, chemical pumps, liquid level indicators, switches, point level electronic controls, and various accessory products

Tulsa Valve - Tulsa Valve is a Leading Valve Manufacturer of Oil Field and Industrial Pipeline Pigging Valves, Ball Check Valves, Threaded Swing Check Valves, Shut-Off Pig Valves, By-Pass Pig Valves, Casing Ball Valves and Flanged Check Valves

Young Oil Tools - Broad line of diaphragm operated valves, pneumatic and electrical level controls, safety relief valves, chemical pumps, liquid level indicators, switches, point level electronic controls, and various accessory products

Chem Oil (Unique Valve) - We supply to the highest quality engineered products to the Energy and Industrial marketplace. With global sourcing relationships, UVI Chem Oil Products provides the high quality industrial components at attractive prices to the supply chain. Qualified and reliable global suppliers along with a comprehensive knowledge of commerce and industry provide the finest                                                                    quality services available.

Bonney Forge - Bonney Forge produces the industry's widest range of forged steel valves. From stainless steel to carbon steel, common alloys to exotic alloys, we consistently use the highest caliber materials that meet the most stringent of industry codes and specifications. We also offer specialty cast steel valves: Y-patterns, cryogenics, bellow seal, globes and checks.

Multalloy - MultAlloy is one of the world's leading suppliers of specialty stainless steel and nickel alloy industrial pipe, fittings, flanges and round bar. With more than 10,000 products in stock, we offer you the convenience of quickly getting the right products from a single source.

Charman - We, at Charman Manufacturing, Inc. offer a full range of pipe nipple products for the plumbing Industry. We offer Red Brass, Black and Galvanized pipe nipples. We take exceptional pride on our quality with competitive pricing.


Marpac - With more than a century of development in new materials, new manufacturing processes and new valve technology, Marpac products have historically focused on exceeding, rather than just meeting, the needs of our customers.

Fisher - Actuators, Control Valves, Digital Valve Controllers, Field Instrumentation, Nuclear, Positioners, Severe Service, Wireless.

SCV (southern California Valve) - The product lines include commodity valves as well as specialty valves in all Sizes & Pressure Classes & Metallurgy; including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Exotic Alloys. The valve types include Gate, Globe, Swing Check - Bolted Bonnet & Pressure Seal Bonnet, Ball - both floating and trunnion, Thru-Conduit Gate - slab and expanding, Swing Check - Full Port, Lubricated Plugs, Dual Plate Checks - wafer and flanged and Butterfly's.

ARI - Combination air valves, kinetic air/vacuum valves and automatic air releases valve for water supply and wastewater.

Golden Anderson - GA Industries offers a full range of butterfly valves and eccentric plug valves for use in water and sewage pipelines, pumping stations and treatment plants with manual, electric                                                                  motor or cylinder operators.

KF Industries - The DynaCentric butterfly valve the performance of a ball valve with the cost and weight benefits of a butterfly valve

KF Industries - TProducts is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of on/off, control and safety valve solutions for all phases of the energy industry.

PBV Valves - In the production process, every stage is planned to produce quality and the quality is then inspected. The easier a product is to produce,

ASCO Valve -is the world's leading manufacturer of solenoid valves and is the innovative, creative, & state-of-the-art leader for the control of fluids, combining over 100 years of experience with high technology.

Dyna-Flo - is committed to quarter turn ball valve automation and instrumentation. We carry a wide range of actuators including:

Piper Valve - Systems designs and manufactures compact high pressure valves and manifold system components for all environments of the oil & gas industry including onshore, offshore, and subsea applications.

Matco-Norca - We cover all of your needs in regards to Brass, Bronze, and PVC valves, including Full & Standard Port Ball Valves, Swing Check valves, Gate valves, heating and gas valves, pump and well products, clamps, couplings, and other plumbing specialties items.

Val-Tex - standard maintenance products do not contain Teflon®, clay, talc, wax, acid, caustic, or solvents that add to your valve maintenance problems.

Polyvalve LLC - Millions of Polyvalve valve's have been sold since 1976 and are in use throughout the world. Polyvalve Poly-Chem, Poly-Gas, and Poly-Water valves are rugged and reliable, contain no metal internal parts, and can be used in a wide array of applications.

Force Valves - Force Valves - 1/2" - 52" Floating Ball Valves and 2" - 52" Trunnion Ball Valves

Belgas Regulators -The BelGAS Division of the Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies is a global leader in the design and manufacture of both high and low pressure, general purpose gas regulators, back pressure relief regulators, flow controllers, manifold systems, instrument air regulators, gauge thermometers, thermowells, needle valves and electronic products for oil, gas and                                                          petrochemical (pipeline); industrial plant air and gas regulation; and general industrial pressure and                                                            flow monitoring.

Whittle & Neher Systems - Whittle & Neher, founded in 1984 in Oklahoma City, OK, is becoming a leading manufacturer of high quality stainless steel, carbon steel, and ductile iron check valves for oilfield, industrial, and special applications. Whittle & Neher also manufactures a full line of high quality stuffing boxes, pumping and flowing tees, and cone type packing for the oil industry.

Cameron Ball Valves -The distinctive design of the CAMERON Fully Welded Ball Valve gives it maximum strength at minimum weight as well as maximum resistance both to pipeline pressures and stresses. The compact, spherical design also eliminates body flanges, thus reducing overall size and potential leak paths.

Grove Ball Valves -Forged Components, Available in various grades of carbon steel, stainless steel and high alloys ,The wide range of material selections allows for the valves to be used in the most severe applications,Preferred by the oil and gas industry for both offshore and onshore.